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News & Events

The Aged Care Rating System launch

Thursday, April 17, 2014 By

The Aged Care Rating System launch

A timely innovation towards greater transparency.

Around 80 delegates from the aged care industry turned out for the official launch of the Aged Care Ratings System (ACRS) yesterday, from facility managers and financial planners to allied health service providers and local media.

Aged Care Online managing director Ben Hannemann headed the proceedings, explaining the functionality of the rating system for both consumers and providers.

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Wellbeing for all

Thursday, April 17, 2014 By

Wellbeing for all

One of the main components of the Australian Government’s ten-year, $3.7 billion aged care reform package is the push towards consumer-directed care. The approach aims to give the recipients of care greater choice and control over the way their care is delivered.

So how are aged care providers adapting to this demand for a greater consumer focus?

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Staff as Change Agents - Enhancing and sustaining mental health in aged care

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 By

Staff as Change Agents - Enhancing and sustaining mental health in aged care

Psychology researchers from Deakin University and Monash University are trialling a program to enhance and sustain mental health in aged care.

With mental illness largely going undiagnosed amongst elderly people in Australia, the research aims to empower aged care staff to properly identify and manage depression, and other mental health and challenging behavioural issues amongst their residents.

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Dementia prevention in our hands

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 By

Dementia prevention in our hands

If the current generations of young people take better care of themselves we could see a decline in the numbers of people developing dementia, a recent report shows.

Released today by Alzheimer’s Australia and the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing, ‘Is the Incidence of Dementia Declining?' looks at several European studies compiled recently that suggest preventative health measures, such as limiting alcohol consumption and staying physically active, could make a significant contribution to reducing the risk of dementia.

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Residential Aged Care

On Aged Care Online you can search for Residential Aged Care across the whole of Australia, by using our online directory. Residential aged care refers to facilities which care for seniors who are unable to live at home without 24-hour professional, nursing care. They are sometimes referred to as nursing homes, however the terms residential aged care and aged care facility are now more common.

Our Residential Aged Care section of our website allows you to search for aged care facilities in every state and territory of Australia. You can search by your geographical region, such as your state, city or suburb and also select the radius that you which to search from. Such as 5km, 10km, 20km etc from the suburb/city that you select.

To further refine your search you can search for different types of residential aged care, such as low care or high care. Many homes will let you know whether they offer high care, low care or both. Low care is for seniors who do not need intensive nursing care, while high care is for seniors who require more intense and longer professional care.

If you’re looking for a short-term stay in a residential aged care facility, then you can use our Residential Aged Care tab to search for respite care as well. Simply select the ‘features’ tab and then click ‘respite care’ to bring up all of the facilities in your area that offer respite care.

Additional services such as extra care services, public transport access, independent living, ethno specific, dementia care and more can be searched for by clicking the appropriate feature in the ‘features’ tab.

Home and Community Care

The Home and Community Care tab on Aged Care Online, allows you to search for all Home and Community Care services (also referred to as HACC services) within your area. Home and Community Care is different to Residential Aged Care because aged care services and nursing care is delivered to your home.

Home and Community Care is for seniors who are independent enough to remain at home but need a bit of extra help with things such as cooking meals, cleaning, gardening, getting to appointments, taking medication, showering, bathing etc. For Home Care a nurse will come to the clients home a certain amount of hours a week and help them with their daily living tasks or provide some nursing care. This type of service is very popular as it allows people to stay in their own homes for as long as possible.

You can search for Home and Community Care services by selecting our Home Care tab and then selecting your state/territory, from there you can search for your city, town and suburb. We list both private and government home care organisations, private home care comes with a fee while private home care is usually Government funded or heavily subsidised. If you are looking for any type of home care you will need to be assessed to determine the amount of home care that you need, whether it be EACH, EACHD or other home care programs.

You can search for different home care types by using our online directory, you can also search for respite care and day centres.

Jobs & Courses

If you’re looking for a career in the aged care industry or are looking for aged care courses and training then our Employment and Education section is for you. We have a range of current jobs on offer within the aged care industry listed on our Employment page, as well as a range of education courses for aged care professionals under our Education section.

By clicking on the ‘Education’ tab on Aged Care Online, you can find courses that will help you begin your career in the aged care industry as well as courses designed for current aged care professionals who want to upgrade their skills and pump up their resume.

Aged Care Online have partnered with the ‘Education Institute’ who provide our range of courses, on our website you will find a detailed description of the course, the length of time it takes to complete is as well as if you can complete it online. You’ll also find a detailed description of the units and what career path the courses can take you once you complete them.

In our Employment section you can search for jobs by location, as well the work type (e.g. full time, part time, casual etc) and the profession you are looking for. We list jobs for professionals working in Home and Community Care, Residential Aged Care and Aged Care Management.

Understanding Aged Care

Do you have a question about aged care? By using Aged Care Online you can find the answers to the most common questions people usually have about aged care in easy to understand terms. By visiting on our Understanding Aged Care section you will be taken to four sections, ‘Making the Decision, ‘Finding Care’, ‘Aged Care Financial Planning’ and ‘Moving into Aged Care.’ The sections are in order of the decisions people usually make when entering aged care, the ‘Making the Decision’ section covers topics such as deciding whether it’s the right time for entering aged care and dealing with guilt.

While the second section ‘Finding Aged Care’ gives you and idea on what you need to do when you start looking for aged care, from finding an ACAT assessment to finding an aged care facility in your area, to finding out the difference between high care, low care, respite care, extra service care etc You’ll be glad to have one section that simply explains all of the jargon in the aged care industry.

The third section ‘Aged Care Financial Planning’ will help you understand the financial requirements of aged care, the information provided is only a guide and should be taken as general advice only. However it will help you get an idea of the common costs associated with aged care and what Government assistance is available.

Our fourth section ‘Moving into Aged Care’ cover some common questions about life in an aged care facility, such as what to bring on that first day, whether pets are allowed and how to set up the room, plus more.

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