Residential Aged Care & Home Care in Tasmania


Aged Care in Tasmania

In Tasmania you’ll find a range of aged care services and home care services for your needs, some of the options include:

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Living in Tasmania

Metropolitan Tasmania

Hobart is Tasmania’s capital where over half of the Tasmanian population live. Hobart is known for its quality of life, with a city population of 220,000 but away from the hustle and bustle of other metropolitan cities in Australia.

Traffic conditions are lighter than most other places and most residents commute less than 20 minutes every day – a luxury in a metropolitan area!

Hobart is known for its safety, being family-orientated and its beautiful outdoor scenery.

It’s a city where you can enjoy the outdoors, the arts, sport and culture.

Regional Tasmania

Tasmania’s largest cities outside of Hobart are:

None of the regional areas are far from the state’s capital, making Tasmania a unique place to live compared to other Australian states and territories.

Among the regional areas Tasmania is known for its unique flora and fauna, thanks to its genetically isolated location. The vegetation is very diverse for a small island and natural landscapes will vary depending on the region.

You’ll find dry, arid climates, alpine heathlands, temperate rainforests, heavily grazed grasslands and evergreen eucalypt forest all within a short drive of each other.


Tasmania’s climate varies depending on the region, but overall has a mild climate with four distinct seasons.

Winter temperatures have an average maximum temperature of 12 degrees however can be as little 3 degrees along the central plateau.

Average summer maximum temperatures are 24 degrees.