Residential Aged Care & Home Care in New South Wales

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Aged Care New South Wales

Looking for Aged Care in New South Wales?

You will find a range of aged care services and providers across New South Wales, which includes metropolitan, regional and rural areas. Services you will find include:

Popular residential aged care providers in New South Wales:

Popular home care providers in New South Wales:

Good to Know: Climate, Culture, Cost of Living

The climate in New South Wales varies depending on the region. Closer to Sydney temperatures are mild with warm summers and mild winters. The warmest month is January, where daily temperatures can reach a maximum of 45 degrees.

Cost of Living
The cost of living in Australia is generally low compared to other countries, and the majority of residents live a very high quality of life.

Metropolitan areas are generally more expensive than regional areas in the state.


Sydney has one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, and is the most multi-cultural city in the Asia-Pacific region.

People who live by the coast regularly take advantage of the state’s beautiful natural beaches, water sports are particularly popular such as surfing, sailing and windsurfing.

Regional New South Wales

Regional New South Wales has a population of 2.52 million, and expands over 800,000 sq kilometres.

Each region of regional New South Wales is unique and offer different opportunities and lifestyle.

The range of geography and climate is significant throughout the regional area. The north-east offers a semi-tropical and humid environment, the west is a semi-arid desert whilst the south is known for its alpine peaks.