Residential Aged Care & Home Care in ACT

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Aged Care in the ACT and Canberra, means easy access to a range of aged care services and providers. Some of the most prominent and largest aged care provider groups include:

Popular aged care providers in the ACT:

Popular Home Care providers in the ACT:

Living in Canberra

Canberra is known for its work/life balance and offers one of the shortest commutes between work and home in metropolitan Australia (excluding Darwin and Hobart). The average Canberra resident spends only 3 hours and 30 minutes commuting per week.

Canberra is a city full of culture with some of Australia’s most prestigious arts galleries and centres – all for free!

Some free attractions in the city include:


Canberra is ideal for nature lovers with over 500 kilometres of bicycle tracks and lanes.

There are golf courses to enjoy, snowy mountains to visit, shopping strips or you could sail on Lake Burley Griffin.

Traffic jams and pollution are unheard of in Canberra, offering city living with the feel of a small town and sense of community.


Canberra has more average hours of daily sunshine than Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

For those who enjoy nature, Canberra is home to over 500 kilometres of bicycle tracks and lanes.

The city has a dry, oceanic climate with warm to hot summers and mild to cold winters. The summers tend to be warm and dry, rather than humid. Snow is rare in the CBD however snow can often been see on the mountain ranges from the CBD.

Community and Recreation in Canberra

There are hundreds of community groups and not-for-profit organisations in the ACT which provide a wide range of services, covering everything from sport and recreation to markets and community events.

You’ll also find over 50 clubs in Canberra, with about 75 per cent of adult Canberrans belonging to one or more of our sporting, social, cultural, worker, professional and returned service clubs.