Operation Christmas Child in Full Swing at Resthaven

on the Monday, October 21, 2019

Resthaven Bellevue Heights independent retirement living residents have donated and packed up 100 boxes of goodies for underprivileged children as part of their 2019 ‘Operation Christmas Child’ initiative. 

Retirement Living Coordinator, Jeannie Peace, says, "Resthaven independent retirement living residents participate in this initiative every year."

"It is one way they give back to the community."

"The boxes contain donated items to bring joy to children’s lives at Christmas, and include hand-sewn bags, toys, knitted craft items, skipping ropes, and notebooks."

"The organisers of the operation here at Resthaven Bellevue Heights, Mr and Mrs Bob and June Heath, say that they were 'blessed to provide for their own children, and feel privileged to be in a position now to provide a little bit for less fortunate children overseas.'"

June says, "It’s amazing how much time and effort people donated to this endeavour."

"Only this morning, a shop assistant asked me what I was doing buying this quantity of items. When I told her about 'Operation Christmas Child', she and her fellow shop assistant donated another $40 worth of items."

Jeannie says, "It was a herculean effort to fill the 100 boxes, but well worth the effort."

"Tables were set up in our communal area, Gumtree Lodge, with items organised into batches, ready to pack up."

"The camaraderie of the group was wonderful, with a real sense of satisfaction when the job was complete."

"The boxes were the result of months of work, and I thank all those who contributed, sewed, knitted and put together the donated items in order to give a smile to those less fortunate."

The Resthaven Bellevue Heights Independent Retirement Living Units are co-located with the Resthaven Bellevue Heights residential aged care home at 47 Eve Road, Bellevue Heights.

If you are interested in retirement living at Resthaven, phone 8370 3456.

For enquiries relating to Resthaven residential aged care homes, located across South Australia, phone 8373 9113. For in home care and support via Resthaven Community Services, phone 1300 13 66 33. 

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