Help & Support is Never Far Away

on the Tuesday, June 11, 2019

In the past, when Jack Wyllie’s daughter would go on a holiday, he would arrange to have friends check on him. “I’m pretty independent,” Jack says. “I just like having the security of someone to call on if I need help.” But in April of this year, Jack’s daughter and friends were all going to be away at the same time, and he needed to find a place where he could feel secure and cared for.

“My daughter knew of Wesley Mission Queensland and organised for me to come here,” Jack says of his first planned respite stay.

“You feel so secure here. When things happen and you need help, the staff are here on the spot.

“They’re all nice and caring, and can do everything for you.”

While the security and support of respite is something new, Jack has found that in many ways, life in respite is the same. He’s been able to continue to do all the things he enjoys doing at home and in his community, like visiting his local church each week.

“I can do what I like, I can go out. People think it’s going to be very restrictive, that you can’t go out. But you can, as long as you tell someone you’re going.”

Residential respite services provide planned, emergency and short-term care and support to older people in the community living with high care needs and their carers. Respite allows carers to take a break knowing their loved one is being looked after in a safe, secure environment by qualified care staff, and allows for a little extra help and support for those recovering from illness.

Those who utilise respite services are offered the same benefits as permanent residents, including personal care, meals, exercise programs and access to a diverse range of activities and events. With so many things to do and the daily chores of meals and cleaning taken care of, a respite stay can often feel like a holiday in itself.

Now halfway through his stay at Wesley Mission Queensland’s Parkview residential aged care community, Jack reflects on his feelings and how they’ve changed.

“At first, it’s strange because you’ve never done it before. Now, two weeks in, it’s not strange at all.

“The security makes a real difference. It’s just that assurance that people are here to help.”

Residential and other respite services are available across Brisbane in many of Wesley Mission Queensland's locations.

For more details, phone 1300 541 622.