Resthaven Residents Celebrate Lunar New Year

on the Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Tuesday, 5 February, is the start of the new lunar cycle. Many Asian cultures celebrate the lunar new year, also known as the Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival. Residents across Resthaven celebrated with a range of themed activities and celebrations to last throughout the new year celebrations. Every year of the Chinese calendar is represented by one of twelve zodiac animal signs, and in 2019, it is the Year of the Pig.

At Resthaven Paradise, Lifestyle Coordinator, Thuy Pham (pictured with resident, Mrs Yvonne Rose), gave a presentation on her Vietnamese culture and how they celebrate the occasion. Residents helped Thuy to assemble a ‘dragon’ decoration, and she explained the Dragon dance, a traditional dance performed in Chinese culture.

Thuy also outlined the slight differences between the cultures in how they celebrate, and brought in traditional costumes to show the residents and will give out the traditional red envelopes.

At Resthaven Marion, residents have been creating Chinese lanterns and other decorations in recognition of the lunar new year. 

Over at Resthaven Craigmore, residents celebrated with a morning tea, where they enjoyed themed decorations and cupcakes.

Resthaven Multicultural Project Officer, Priscilla de Pree, says, "Resthaven acknowledges the rich cultural diversity of our customers and staff with special events incorporated into our leisure and lifestyle activities and group social programs."

"Where appropriate, we incorporate cultural activities and events at our residential services, often reflecting the heritage of the consumers, their interests and ideas. Cultural days may also reflect the diversity of the workforce."

"These activities help integrate our increasingly diverse workforce by facilitating interaction between residents and staff. Our workforce is comprised of people from more than 50 nations. Residents are often genuinely interested in the cultural differences and want to learn and understand a little of each person’s background."

"Currently, staff of Chinese heritage represent the fourth largest group of Resthaven staff with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds."

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