Kittie Celebrates Her 103rd Birthday

on the Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Kittie Timperley of the Bolton Clarke Fairview aged care community turned 103 years young on Saturday 9th February and still finds joy in the simple things.

She was born in New South Wales before her family moved to a sheep farm in Roma central Queensland with her four sisters and one brother and fondly recalls getting into all sorts of mischief with them.

“We didn’t have any video games or televisions to keep us entertained – we had each other for company and we were always coming up with ways of getting the others in trouble,” she said.

Kittie had a passion for helping people and became and nurse, she started working in Papua New Guinea during the war and that was where she met her husband Alan. 

She continued nursing in New Guinea during the campaign of the Pacific War where Japan invaded the Australian-administered territories of the New Guinea.

Kittie recalls one night in New Guinea the Australian troops were attacked but the enemy was unsuccessful and the next night they had a huge party to celebrate.

“It was a very scary time, but you made friends with the people around you and you relied on each other when things got tough,” she said.

Once the war was over Kittie moved back to Australia with her husband and they had three children together.

Kittie started her life at Fairview in the Retirement Village before moving down in to the Residential Aged Care community where she has a very green thumb and loves attending to her orchids.

“I have a wonderful life here, I really don’t have a care in the world – there is plenty to do here and I keep myself busy,” she said.

On living such a long-life Kittie doesn’t know why she has lived so long, she credits it to keeping busy in the garden, eating healthily and having a big loving family.

“I don’t really feel 103, I might just lie about my age and tell them I’m 100,” she laughs.

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Pictured: Kittie Timperley enjoying watching the Melbourne Cup last year and looking forward to turning 103-years-old. 

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