A Great Excuse to Put Your Feet Up

on the Thursday, February 7, 2019

Many hands make light work and the residents of Bolton Clarke Galleon Gardens at Currumbin Waters know this all too well.

With the help of volunteers, the residents have combined the activities of the Men’s Shed and Sewing Group to make beautiful foot stools.

Volunteers have been assisting the Men’s Shed to make the stools while the Sewing Group have painted and covered them with different fabrics.

Resident Doreen McDonald said making the stools was a great project for the group to work on together that resulted in a very functional piece of furniture to own.

“I have enjoyed each part of the process and has asked the men in the Men’s Shed to make more as more residents are requesting them to put their feet up,” she said.

 “I enjoyed the painting of the stools and working with the fabric of choice for my room. I enjoy sitting down in the evening and putting my feet up to watch a bit of television,” resident Marjorie James said.

 “The men who built the stools were impressed how the finished product turned out. All residents involved in the process really enjoyed each step and looked forward to their finished product so they could take them home,” said volunteer Janice Edwards.

“Residents that made the footstools have told me that when family and friends come in to visit they all would like one. We are planning to make a few more in the future.”

The project has been an excellent community-building activity, generating a strong response from other residents who are starting to put their orders in.

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