CraigCare’s Innovative End of Life Trajectory Tool Implemented Across All CraigCare Aged Care Homes

on the Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The development and implementation of CraigCare’s End of Life (EOL) Trajectory tool came about because it was identified through interactions with residents and collaboration with care and nursing staff that while the end stage palliative care given was excellent, the early identification of residents moving throughout the palliative trajectory was lacking.

CraigCare’s EOL Trajectory Tool identifies the physical, emotional, mental and clinical presentation of the resident.

It provides clinicians with clear directives of stipulating the advanced care planning strategies to support residents in alignment with their palliative trajectory and ensures choices and goals of residents is paramount.

The tool also empowers clinical staff in making decisions for residents that are supportive of outcomes that promote quality of life. 

Nursing staff often focus on improving clinical outcomes whereas this may not be the focus of the resident due to their palliative trajectory.

Evaluation of its success includes:

  • Open communication with families and residents.
  • Enhanced understanding for all staff regarding EOL trajectory pathways.
  • Opportunities to ensure care, medications, and support systems are implemented for all residents across the different trajectory stages.
  • “Good common sense end of life care.” – General Practitioner
  • “Identifies residents that may fall between the cracks, and allows for early clear communication with families and planning for future intervention.” – General Practitioner
  • “Love it, helps to determine level of care. Prompts nurses and carers to get information organised.” – Registered Nurse
  • “Very important that we have a clear idea of family wishes. Also important to discuss with family all options and give support and encouragement in different decisions.” – Registered Nurse

CraigCare Clinical Care Coordinator, Ryan, recently won the 2019 Aged Care Excellence staff award by Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA) across all of Victoria and Tasmania for his pivotal role in the development and implementation of CraigCare’s EOL Trajectory Tool, now implemented across all CraigCare care homes.

If you would like to know more about CraigCare’s EOL Trajectory Tool, please contact our Chief Clinical Officer Ann O’Hehir on (08) 9316 7100 or email

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