Arcare Hillside's Renovation Celebration

on the Friday, February 8, 2019

You are invited to join Arcare on Saturday 16 February from 10am – 2pm to check out Arcare Hillside’s recent renovations and enjoy a number of free events and activities at 50 Community Hub, Sydenham.

What’s on:

  • Free tea and coffee in Arcare Hillside's brand new cafe
  • Free meditation sessions with Coaching for Calm
  • Free flower arranging with Little Twig
  • Free BBQ
  • Free family portraits
  • Learn Arcare chef Romaney’s famous pasta recipe

Arcare Hillside has a warm, friendly atmosphere thanks to charming interior design and a peaceful Sydenham location.

Arcare Hillside provides opportunities for everyone to get involved. Whether it be small social gathering in the café, group excursions on the residence bus, guest speakers, hobby groups or just the day-to-day conversations with familiar staff, each day offers a range of options to choose from.

Find out more about Arcare.

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