Thanks to Home Care, Over 4000 Australians are Independently Living Their Best Lives

on the Thursday, October 25, 2018

More than 4000 older Australians and people living with disability are choosing to live independently, at home, thanks to the in-home support and care provided by Just Better Care.   

Living at home can improve quality of life and help people to stay active and connected in their community.

Just Better Care is recognising the achievements of its 4000 customers – who achieve great things while supported to live independently – throughout October and November as part of their Local Achievers campaign. 

Achievers like 89-year-old Liliana from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Liliana was a pioneer as the only woman working at the airport in Malta in the 1940s – even her uniform needed to be specially made.

She has lived around the world and chronicled her experiences in a published novel, Liliana Lucia Destination Australia.

Today, Liliana lives independently at home with help from Just Better Care Support Professionals. 

Just Better Care Australia Chief Operating Officer Alison Chandler said stories of achievement, like Liliana’s, highlight what is possible with the right in-home care and support.

“Every one of our customers is uniquely skilled and talented – from authors and pilots, to athletes and artists, family members and friends – their stories inspire us every day,” Ms Chandler said.

“They know how to live their best lives and we’re here to support them, whether it’s by helping people participate in the activities they have always enjoyed, providing support so they can live safely and confidently at home, or through helping them embark on new challenges or interests.

“In-home care helps people live the life they choose in their own homes and communities.”

Over 84,900 older Australians currently have a home care package and demand is increasing as more people are empowered to choose the care they want and need.[i]

“With the addition of Consumer Directed Care (CDC) for older Australians, and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for people living with disability, individuals now have more control over their care and services,” Ms Chandler said.  

“Our experienced local teams take the time to get to know our customers and help them find the best services to reach their goals.

“We passionately believe that achieving any goal is possible when you’re empowered with the right in-home support and care.” 

Across Australia Just Better Care provides in-home support and care services to help older Australians and people living with disability to live independently at home and within their community.

To speak to your local team call 1300 587 823 or find out more about Just Better Care.