CraigCare Residents Discover Age Is No Boundary

on the Thursday, October 4, 2018

CraigCare are always on the lookout for new ways to provide their residents with more meaningful and exciting experiences. Some of CraigCare’s aged care communities have begun trialling virtual reality technology to deliver these personal experiences.

CraigCare asked residents what type of things they wished they could still do or things they’d love to try if they were physically able. Some residents said they’d love to go swimming in the ocean again, like they did when they were younger. These residents – thanks to VR – were taken on an underwater adventure complete with dolphins and sea turtles swimming around them.

Barry, 81, said “It was a wonderful experience. Swimming with the dolphins isn’t something I would be able to do. I was underwater and I really enjoyed the experience.”

87 year old Sarah could barely contain her delight, exclaiming, “oh dear, goodness gracious! Fish everywhere! Amazing!”

With such positive feedback from residents, CraigCare are currently looking at expanding the VR technology across all their aged care homes.

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