The Simple Joy of Tending a Garden

on the Friday, August 3, 2018

They convey the changing seasons and can transform a landscape from bleak to warm to visual beauty. Flowers, plants and colour are enough to make most people smile and make an unpleasant day feel not so bad. MannaCare is fortunate to have horticulturist Paul Crowe’s lifelong love of gardening and teaching as part of their community.

With Paul’s wife, Margaret living at MannaCare, he started tending to the Cassia House courtyard garden.

“Margaret enjoyed sitting in the courtyard and seeing the changing colours,” recalls Paul and they often would spend time together nestled within the flowers.

Paul still enjoys tending to the garden although Margaret passed away in 2012. With loving care he brings the joy of colour and the beauty of nature to the residents and their families. It is their appreciation and enjoyment which motivates Paul to continue volunteering with the garden.

Working as a Supervisor at the Horticultural Department of Education and within his role at the Victorian Schools’ Plant Nursery he developed his passion for community work in horticulture.

In 1978 along with ABC gardening personality, Kevin Heinze, they established the Victorian Schools Garden Awards. These Awards are still going and are now administered by the Nursery and Garden Industry of Victoria in conjunction with the Victorian Department of Education.

Along the way he collected numerous awards and recognition for his work culminating with an Order of Australia in 2007 for services to education and the Nursery Industry.

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