Support for Those Living With Dementia

on the Tuesday, April 17, 2018

McKenzie Aged Care are here for you and your loved one at Charlesbrook Aged Care.

When someone we love has dementia, it’s hard for everyone.  If you’re the caregiver, it can be emotionally and physically exhausting. You may also be missing that person you used to know so well.

But as upsetting as this can be, you remember them and your loved one is relying on that.

As dementia progresses, your loved one becomes more vulnerable. This is why it’s so important to entrust their wellbeing to someone like McKenzie and their highly skilled nursing and care staff.

At beautiful Charlesbrook in Templestowe, the Memory Support offered is Person Centered Care.  This means everything is considered, from your loved one’s perspective. So should communicating ever become a challenge for them, everyone will be better able to know what they might be thinking, feeling or even wanting and respond accordingly.

Dementia can be a slow decline or advance quite quickly. Either way, McKenzie Aged Care is here for you. McKenzie Aged Care are family owned and provide care as only a family can give. As difficult as dementia can get, please never forget that you are not alone.

Call 1300 899 222 to discuss your loved one’s needs, as well as affordable options, for when the time comes that permanent care is required. Or you can visit McKenzie Aged Care's website for more information.