Amana Living Welcomes Talented Musician & Music Therapist

on the Thursday, March 8, 2018

At nine years old, Giuseppe Reina began studying violin and piano at the Conservatorium in Sicily. Later, he studied at the University of Rome and spent his free time volunteering as a Music Therapist in local hospitals. Now, 15 years later, he is bringing his vibrant passion for music to Amana Living.

All of Amana Living’s 36 residential aged care homes will be able to enjoy Giuseppe’s talents, through his unique Music Therapy program and Amana Living’s own Tune Into Life program for residents living with dementia.

Giuseppe joined Amana Living in February and is excited by the opportunity to work with an organisation whose commitment to bringing music into people’s lives is equal to his own.

“I’ve been in Perth for seven years and I’ve never seen a job like the one at Amana Living so I jumped at the chance to work for the organisation,” said Giuseppe. “It’s truly a unique opportunity in WA’s aged care sector to have a full-time music therapy role where you can be a part of a large-scale music programme in a big organisation. I’m excited by the possibilities!”

Giuseppe, who can play the violin, guitar, piano, mandolin, ukulele, and banjo, has already hit the road to meet Amana Living’s clients and residents.

“I was playing at Amana Living’s Parry Care Centre in Lesmurdie and a 99-year old lady got out of her wheelchair to dance. It made my day and it shows the power of music.  Working with older people is really special to me as music can change their day. Each session is a joy.”

Emily Lees, Amana Living’s Enrichment Manager, welcomed Giuseppe to Amana Living.

“We’re delighted to have Giuseppe join us and help drive the music therapy programme forward. Giuseppe has extensive experience delivering music therapy having worked in hospitals and aged care organisations, as well as in mental health settings and disability services.  He’s also an incredibly talented musician who delights in sharing his passion for music with others.  He’s exactly what we need for the role.”

Amana Living launched Tune into Life in 2016, an innovative music programme to help people with dementia reconnect with deep memories and their loved ones.

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