Raymond Gets By With a Little Help from His Friends at Southern Cross Care

on the Friday, March 9, 2018

At almost 92 years old, Raymond is the king of his castle. He & his wife bought a unit in Coogee more than 20 years ago that he has customised over the years to ensure he can stay living there independently.

Sadly, Raymond’s wife passed away in 2000 and Raymond had to build strong relationships with old and new friends learned to lean on others for assistance as he aged.

While in his 80s, Raymond suffered a stroke and thanks to home care services provided by Southern Cross Care, he can still go out and do the things he loves. All he has to do is call up and schedule a carer to drive and accompany him to appointments and social outings around town.

Five years ago Raymond’s doctor suggested that home care services would be a great help for daily tasks and outings. Raymond started off on a level one Home Care Package, with Southern Cross Care carers helping out with housework and transport to and from appointments. Over the next few years, Raymond’s care needs changed and he progressed to a level four Home Care Package.

Raymond now has the support of a carer once a day for personal, domestic and social care, plus transport when he needs it.

“It’s always nice to know that someone’s looking out for you and worrying, better safe than sorry” Raymond says after laughing over his care workers taking note of every health detail that may pop up. Even when the carer might just be there to clean the house, for Raymond it means a friendly face and someone to chat to.

Raymond says he has to always have a goal to work towards, to keep him going. His goal now is to keep up with his physiotherapy to improve his mobility. He’s friends tell him that an “old bugger can’t expect to be walking like a 20-year-old” but he is determined to try!

“I love my home and independence. I have everything right at my fingertips and I plan to keep it that way, thanks to a little bit of help from my friends”.

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