Footy Tipping Great Great Grandmother Turns 100

on the Monday, March 5, 2018

BaptistCare resident Sarah Stanberg reached a special milestone birthday on Thursday 15 February, as she celebrated her one hundredth birthday.

Beloved resident of BaptistCare Warena Centre in Bangor for the past six and a half years, Sarah’s celebrations began with morning tea surrounded by family, friends and fellow residents, followed by a special visit and performance from an Elvis impersonator later in the afternoon.

Sarah is an active member of the BaptistCare Warena Centre community and recently revealed her competitive streak, specifically in the NRL football tipping, having topped the Warena Centre leader board during last year’s competition.

One of 12 children, Sarah was born on 15 February 1918 in the peaceful town of Goondiwindi, Queensland. Long life appears to be a family tradition with her sister Margaret living for 100 years and 100 days, and other family members living into their nineties.

Sarah spent her childhood on the family farm, milking cows and riding her horse 12 miles to school. Before long she married the love of her life, John Stanberg, in 1941 at the age of 23. The couple lived together in Coogee, before settling in Bexley.

‘Keep on smiling’ is Sarah’s mantra, and she credits her longevity to a healthy lifestyle, looking on the bright side of life, and lots of laughter.

Despite her bright outlook on life, Sarah has seen her fair share of hardship in her 100 years — making her mantra of positivity all the more admirable.

Sarah has lost two children; her first only a few days after birth, as well her son, Keith, aged only 40. When Sarah was 56, John her husband passed away after a brief illness. She recalls how he had provided well for her and the family as a bus driver and handyman.

Throughout these tragedies, Sarah has shown exceptional resilience and strength. She raised 5 children and went on to have 13 grandchildren, 24 great grandchildren and 3 great, great grandchildren.

Having not remarried, when Sarah’s home at Bexley became too difficult to manage she lived with her daughter Elizabeth and her family for 19 years. From here she moved into BaptistCare Warena Centre.

Sarah’s days at Warena Centre are full, as she enjoys playing shuffleboard, bob bowls, table bobs and bingo. She also looks forward to student visits, as she loves spending time with children, which helps her to maintain her happy and healthy life full of laughter and love. 

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