Freedom Family Blossomed At the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

on the Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Freedom Aged Care family blossomed at the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers in September. 

The day of the Grand Central parade saw over 150 entries which included creative floats, marching bands and colorful walking groups who wound their way down the main streets of Toowomba to the awe of local spectators and visitors.

Colour exploded like festive fireworks from Freedom’s ‘Snuggle pot and cuddle pie’ themed parade float, taking inspiration from the classic family stories. The Freedom family had been busy for many months prior to the day, creating the leaves, gumnut blossoms, costumes and flower arrangement which came together to produce a spectacular array of colour on our float.

During the parade, the Toowoomba Freedom family sat in comfort watching the parade pull into Queens Park, enjoying the beautiful displays and Spring atmosphere. They were joined by other Freedom family members from Morayfield who made the special journey for the day.

One of Morayfield's residents had worked most of his life in Toowoomba and raised his family there, before moving to North Brisbane for his later working life. Recently Ray has dreamed of going to the carnival, but having suffered some health setbacks, and being physically not mobile, he thought it would be a dream left unfulfilled.  Ray enjoyed the surprise and celebrations of the a very long day, with special transport organised to accommodate his comfort. It was a day the whole family truly enjoyed.

Freedom Aged Care recognises that freedom to live our lives our own way is essential to happiness. We should never have to sacrifice it for anything - especially the care we need as we age.