Happiness and Hobbies at IRT

on the Wednesday, September 13, 2017

If you visit Auburn Care Centre, IRT Berala on the Park, you’re likely to be greeted by colourful paper maches created by 92-year-old resident, Michael Faris.

Michael’s called the Care Centre home since 2011, when he moved in to live with his wife of 61 years Alice, who sadly passed away the following year.

The former mechanic indulges his love of machines and foreign landmarks by creating paper maches of buildings, cars and boats (just to name a few!).

Michael’s hobby helps to keep him happy, and the team at IRT Berala on the Park love to display his creations.

“We have a multicultural community of residents here, so embracing their individual diversity is really important to their quality of life,” said Acting Care Manager, Ethan Bidner.

“Michael’s from Lebanon and lived in Ghana with Alice and his four kids before migrating to Auburn in the 1950s. Making paper maches helps to keep his hands and mind active. We’re always curious to see what he’ll make next,” he said.

And so are his family! Michael has 11 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren who live nearby and visit him regularly. His Care Suite is a treasure trove of memories from his life  – black and white photographs with his young family in Accra, recent family photos, awards for excellent service during his working life, and, of course, paper maches.

Michael misses his “beautiful wife” but says he feels at home at Berala on the Park, “The management, the staff and the nurses at IRT are very good. I am happy here.”

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