Art & Sensory Event for Dementia Clients a Success

on the Friday, September 8, 2017

Bethanie, one of Western Australia’s most well-known not-for-profit aged care and retirement living providers, is leading the way in dementia awareness continually aiming to raise awareness of what is believed to be one of the most common causes of disability amongst the old.

On Friday 1st September – on the first day of Dementia Awareness Month, Bethanie Riversea held an ‘Art and Food Sensory Experience’ for four dementia clients. 

This involved dementia residents from Bethanie Riversea taking part in a morning full of colour and deliciousness, hosted by world-renowned Fremantle artist Adriana Treasure and cooking guru Gina Hughes from The Passionate Pantry.

Bethanie Dementia Consultant Michelle Harris says, “At Bethanie we believe there is a life to live, and living with dementia is a time to live! Dementia causes change in the pathology of the brain and this is unique for each person because we all have our own DNA, culture and life experience.”

Bethanie RiverSea Facility Manager Pele Reeve added, “We are always looking for creative ways to care for residents with dementia and due to our existing positive experiences with art therapy and sensory experiences, this seemed an ideal option to offer to our residents.

“We have approximately 40 residents with some form of dementia or cognitive impairment so this session was a trial and we will be monitoring the wellbeing of our residents before, during and after the session for changes in mood, communication etc.”

Dementia Awareness Month aims to develop a dementia-friendly nation, and ultimately create communities where people with dementia are supported. Throughout September, Bethanie will present a number of free seminars across WA from Port Kennedy to Geraldton entitled ‘A Time To Live’. They will provide essential information on the detection and treatment of clients with dementia.

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