TV Debut to Celebrate 65 Years of Relationship Centred Care

on the Monday, July 17, 2017

Since 1952, Braemar Presbyterian Care has been offering relationship-centred care for seniors in the Perth metro area. Last week, the provider celebrated its 65th anniversary with a television debut on the popular Western Australian lifestyle show; Home in WA.  

“It is great for me to lead an organisation that is really striving to understand relationship based approach to care. Relationship centred care, or client centred care is not a new concept, it’s been around as long as Braemar has,” explains Mr. Belcher.

“What it says is; as the customer is the most important person in the world; you need to create a relationship with them and build on that, to meet not just the needs but also the wants of the customer. To build that across our three facilities; and hopefully more into the future; is an approach that will see us move ahead well with all those we share our services with.”

Showcasing customer-centric activities at Braemar’s three facilities in Perth, the TV debut presented a great opportunity for Braemar to showcase the high quality services provided by its team of dedicated staff.

Braemar’s approach of supporting staff to provide true customer-centred care was acknowledged recently when Braemar won Employer of Choice in the 2016 ACSWA Excellence in Care Awards. 

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