Bethanie Illawong Staff Treated to Curry Lunch Cooked by Resident

on the Friday, June 16, 2017

The staff of Bethanie Illawong, part of the Bethanie group, which is one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit aged care providers, were treated to a delicious curry lunch yesterday by one of their residents.

Errol Drane, who prepared the feast, has enjoyed cooking since he was 12 years  old. His mother was a chef at boarding school and he always enjoyed helping her cook. After moving to WA at the age of 14, Errol joined the Merchant Navy, initially as a deckhand, but then proceeded to volunteer in the kitchens.

Whilst the cooking on the ships were basic meals with bland flavours, Errol added his own personal flair by incorporating different spices and seasonings, including curry powders and chilli. These methods allowed Errol to be creative and as he has stated, “allowed me to keep thinking and my mind active.”

Errol worked various jobs throughout his life and eventually landed the job of his dreams, a chef at A Touch of India in Scarborough. He eventually moved on to cooking in a food van where the menu consisted of hamburgers, hot dogs and other fast food items for customers.

Errol’s true passion lies in Indian cuisine, with it taking a decent amount of planning and execution to make the perfect curry. This approach definitely worked, as the curry was a big hit with the staff at Bethanie Illawong, with some saying it was better than curries they’ve had at restaurants recently.

“The curry was absolutely amazing - we all loved it!” said Bethanie Illawong Facility Manager, Barbara Walton. “We are already organising the next time Errol cooks for us.”

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