The Resident Clothing Revolution

on the Friday, April 21, 2017

If someone said to you that from this day on your husband would be making all your clothing decisions and choices, for the rest of your life! What would you think? How would you react? The reality is that this is just the case for the majority of people in residential aged care today.

Lowes want to change that. Lowes fleet of services will offer ladies and gentlemen in aged care a full range of environment specific clothing, ordered, name labelled and delivered in just a few days.

Lowes also have event services where Lowes staff will attend the facility and conduct a lifestyle event in the form of a fashion show, or pop up store where the residents can actually receive a real shopping experience with all the safeguards you would expect which protect the resident’s rights. Choice and decision making with clothing is as important as food choice to many.

For that busy time when a loved one is moving into an aged care home, the list of tasks appears endless. Lowes can’t take all that off your hands but they can help with the clothing. Using the Lowes admissions portal on you can quickly place an order for the essentials and have everything name labelled and delivered within just a few days, ready for wear.

Everyone has busy lives so Lowes services allow you to purchase clothing for your loved one even if you live in another State. Lowes will see to the rest from start to finish. If something isn’t right, they will see to the exchange, if something doesn’t fit, it will be quickly amended to everyone’s satisfaction. Lowes acknowledges that today’s residents both deserve and demand a high level of service.

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