Doreen Has Always Been a Farm Girl at Heart

on the Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It was an afternoon of reminiscing for many on Friday 13 March when the much anticipated ‘Animals on the Move’ visited residents at Benetas St Laurence Court Kangaroo Flat in Bendigo.

Animals on the Move is a touring barnyard experience which has become a popular addition to the Benetas St Laurence Court Kangaroo Flat’s lifestyle calendar.

The chance to spend time with animals up close, feeding and learning is a wonderful opportunity for residents, many of who grew up, or lived and worked on farms around Bendigo.  

Resident Doreen Williamson, particularly enjoyed the visit as it brought back lots of happy memories from her childhood. Doreen, who has been a resident at Benetas Kangaroo Flat for six years, lived with her ‘Granny and Grandfather’ on a dairy farm in Neilborough for 10 years and loved living the farm girl life.

“You can’t beat animals, when they come in like this it really brings the farm back” said Doreen as she gently stroked a grey bunny.

“You don’t realise how much you miss them until they come in like this, you don’t ever get out of the
farm life when you’ve been on a farm, it has been a beautiful afternoon.”

The Animals on the Move program, which is part of Benetas’ commitment to social inclusion and provided via the Benetas fundraising program, provides an extremely positive experience for residents and a great opportunity for them to invite their friends and families along to enjoy the day’s events.

Animals on the Move visits several times throughout the year and has become a popular addition the
Benetas St Laurence Court Kangaroo Flat lifestyle program. Benetas St Laurence Court Kangaroo Flat is home to 50 residents and is located in beautiful Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo.

The event was fully funded through Benetas’ fundraising program and continues with the generous support of many members of the community.

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