Busy Hands at McKenzie Aged Care

on the Monday, March 23, 2015

McKenzie Aged Care residences have a range of activities for assisting residents with dementia. These methods are designed help their residents lead full and happy lives.

In the Paris wing at McKenzie SandBrook, residents have been lucky enough to have a table made for them by Phil, their handyman. The table is covered with handles, locks and latches and was made especially for residents with dementia. The familiar objects on the table provide comfort and pleasure by giving residents an orientation cue to help inspire their memories from the past, with the added bonus of keeping their motor skills in use.

The customised tables are just one of the methods McKenzie SandBrook and other McKenzie residences use to keep residents, especially those with dementia, engaged and inspired.

Another method used by McKenzie is the Sunshine Club. This program has been running for two years at McKenzie SandBrook and sometimes involves the Lifestyle team dressing up in colourful outfits, which the residents love to see. Research has shown that colours, particularly bright colours can have a positive influence on people, both physically and emotionally. The Lifestyle team use this method in the weekly Sunshine Club to bring a fun spirit to the activities.

McKenzie SandBrook have also introduced a weekly Sunshine Sensory Club for those residents who can longer participate in the Sunshine Club. The Sunshine Sensory Club members benefit from a more passive sensory stimulation, including aromatherapy, massage and music. Even residents who are not in the club are enjoying the flow on effects of the aromatherapy and music in the area!


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