‘Catering Innovation of the Year’ Award for Aged Care Provider

By on the Thursday, November 28, 2013

New South Wales aged care provider ‘The Whiddon Group’ has been named the New South Wales winner and national finalist for ‘Catering Innovation of the Year,’ at the 2013 Oscar Hospitality Awards.

The provider’s win was based on four new dining programs which have been introduced over the last 12 months, including the Dining with Dignity and Fine Dining program.


The aim of the programs according to the provider, was to create a ‘5 star dining experience’ for clients on special occasions and offer them the opportunity to engage over a meal.

The Dining with Dignity program focused on a home-like dining environment for residents, while the Fine Dining program is held monthly to celebrate client’s birthday with fine china, crystal glasses and fresh flowers to create an elegant, restaurant-like atmosphere.

“We made improvements to our meal service and dining room based on feedback from clients, we wanted to align our service with dining in a home environment,” said The Whiddon Group Redhead’s Director of Care Services, Jackie Finlay.

The aged care provider will go on to the national finals in Melbourne in November.