Aged Care Technology: An In-House TV Channel for Facilities

By on the Friday, November 15, 2013

Web2TV is a new technology that is helping residential aged care facilities keep up with the pressure of accreditation requirements. Web2TV is a branded and customised channel that uses slides to keep residents informed about what’s going on so they remain connected to their community. More than 50 residential facilities are currently using Web2TV to keep residents informed by using slides to post


  • The menu for the day
  • The day’s activities
  • Access to favourite radio stations
  • Trivia slides
  • Happy Birthday messages
  • Photos of residents recent activities
  • Messages from family and friends

These are just some of the possibilities with Web2TV, but for residents it is simply Channel 8 on their TV and is as easy as using PowerPoint for staff.

“We can individualise the birthdays through the Web2TV program, by putting up happy birthday to that particular person on that particular day. ‘I saw my name up on the screen’ (residents say) ‘and I saw it said Happy Birthday! It’s my birthday today!’ – so quite often it helps them remember that it’s their birthday” says Jo Buhler, Lifestyle Coordinator at Regis Bayside Gardens.

Web2TV is more than an in-house TV channel and helps everyone at a residential aged care facility, from the residents, staff, group management and visiting family and friends.

For family friends, Web2TV is a way for them to see what’s going on in the facility and always provides a fresh talking point during visits.

“Residents love to see themselves on TV… they think they’re stars” says Ms Buhler.

For more information on Web2TV and how to install the program in your facility see our website.

Web2TV is a sister site of Aged Care Online.


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