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Established in 1963, Cabrini is a state-of-the-art elder centred Aged Care provider located in Westmead. Now in its fourth generation and 50th year of operation, the family business has developed from the humble 61 bed nursing home to a 120 bed five star hotel style facility built on a platform of technology; allowing Cabrini to continue to offer excellence in clinical services, and a commitment to care through digital based systems and Telehealth initiatives for all aspects of health. Cabrini practices love and compassion towards its Elders as well as delivering an exceptional standard of care in line with the teachings of Italian born Nun Mother Cabrini, who is now the patroness of immigrants worldwide. Our mission and values are derived from the traditions of Mother Cabrini and her devotion to attending to the vulnerable and ailing, at all times following Christian philosophy, ethics and moral law.We stand firm in the resolve that every human being deserves individualized care and respect, with an unalienable right to dignity and freedom from suffering.
With the successful completion of our $25 million Aged Care Facility, the Harris family has maintained the ideal of a prominent family business by sustaining participatory roles in all levels of operation. From Nursing, Maintenance and Hotel Service roles to Management positions, the Harris family has effectively cemented themselves within Cabrini, securing its future as a family owned and operated five star, “hotel-style” Aged Care facility, and guaranteeing the upmost care for our residents. Our Managing Director William Harris, has been actively involved in the family business all his life, and has passed his knowledge and experience onto other family members and key staff, ensuring that Cabrini will continue to operate as a family concern. However, as a family business we also make it our business to be a family. This is not just confined to those blood related to the Harris family, but to our staff, residents and their family and friends. We place a huge emphasis on securing a sense of community and support, which stems from Cabrini’s management throughout the entire operation.

Many of our staff members have been at Cabrini for the greater part of their working lives; coming from all cultural backgrounds and speaking many different languages, they contribute to the wonderful cultural melting pot that is the Cabrini family. We may have moved to new building, but the emphasis on care and respect is still the same. We are the leading Aged Care provider in Western Sydney – a title rightfully earned and successfully maintained.


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